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These qualifications focus on excellence in delivery and the effective use of interactive visual aids to inspire and motivate learners to implement what they have been taught.

AOSH UK have developed qualifications to provide an awareness of key environmental concepts, best practice and working within an environmental management system.

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Who needs this qualification?

This qualification has been created to provide an awareness of key environmental concepts and an introduction to environmental management systems.
This qualification is for all members of staff whose activities could have a significant impact on the environment or supervisors or managers who are being introduced to environmental issues for the first time.

Learning outcome

• Learners will build understanding key terms and definitions of pollution,
• Identify primary local and global environmental impacts of their organization,
• Learn basic principles,
• Key concepts and importance of environmental law,
• Understand the business benefits of adopting an environmental management system,
• Identify key issues related to energy use and carbon management,
• Waste minimisation,
• Water use,
• Pollution and emergency planning.

Assessment method
Written Examination
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Who needs this qualification?

This qualification has been designed to develop the knowledge and understanding of all staff working within an environmental management system (e.g. ISO 14001).
This qualification is for those with responsibilities within an environmental management system (such as ISO 14001).

Learning outcome
Successful completion of the training programme and assessment will enable candidates to understand:
• Key global environmental issues and the concept of sustainability,
• The advantages and disadvantages of implementing an accredited environmental management system,
• The purpose of and process involved in developing effective environmental policy,
• How to identify and evaluate an organization’s environmental aspects and impacts,
• The structure, function and operation of environmental law,
• How an environmental management system can be implemented,
• The purpose and processes of checking environmental performance including monitoring and measuring,
• Corrective and preventive actions and auditing and more.

Assessment method
Written Examination